3 Things YOU can do RIGHT NOW to Fight LEAPS

1. Download, Print and Sign FLACC's Formal Petition

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 Download, print, sign and mail back to FLACC as many signatures as possible


A few hundred signatures are nice but these entities HAVE to pay attention to 10,000 people petitioning them.

Send originals of signed petitions to: 

Forest Lake & Communities Coalition

PO BOX 1047

Lake Elsinore, CA 92531


2. Submit Your LEAPS Opposition Letters to FERC

Crowd holding pitchforks and torches opposing LEAPS

Write a formal letter of PROTEST and submit it to FERC either on their e-comments webpage or via US mail. 

You must state that you are submitting a letter of PROTEST. REFER TO Project P-14227-003 LAKE ELSINORE ADVANCED PUMP STORAGE. 

Tell them why you oppose this project! How does it affect you?

Submit it to FERC either on 

FERC's e-Comments web page


Send US Mail letters:

Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 888 First Street, NE.  Washington, DC 20426

Visit FERC's E-Comments Page - Submit your Opposition LetterS

3. Support FLACC's Mission - Volunteer, Participate, Donate

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SUPPORT FLACC - Fighting deep-pocketed interests is not easy, or cheap. FLACC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. We need your tax-deductible donations to fund public outreach campaigns, print signs, send mailers, email campaigns, produce, host and maintain the website, the survey and other activities in support of FLACC goals. We encourage you to donate what you can, and to get involved by spreading the word about this project. 

Tell your friends about www.stopleaps.info

Send checks and/or signed petitions to:

Forest Lake and Communities Coalition

PO BOX 1047

Lake Elsinore, CA 92531

Donate to FLACC Securely Online

What do YOU THink about LEAPS?

Lousy Polling Distorts Community Will. TAKE A REAL SURVEY HERE!

Crowd of People opposing LEAPS

 Nevada Hydro submitted a poll they conducted to FERC that claims local support for the project in Lake Elsinore. 

Nowhere in that poll do they mention the 32 miles of power lines, heavy equipment traffic, pollution, interference with lake use, damage to Cleveland National Forest, business harm, or interference with fire-fighting aircraft. 

In fact, only 1 in 5 people had even heard of LEAPS. Let them know what you think through the 5 minute Survey below. 

TAKE THE SURVEY- Your Opinion Counts!

Contact Elected Officials, Nevada Hydro and Organizations Involved with LEAPS

Crowd of LEAPS Opposition torches and pitchforks

We compiled a handy list of elected officials, agencies and Nevada Hydro / Leaps Hydro with contact information for residents to use. 

Let politicians and the organizations involved in LEAPS know we will not tolerate this project in Lake Elsinore. 

Demand they NOT support Nevada Hydro and ACTIVELY OPPOSE IT.

Contact Elected Officials and Organizations Involved in LEAPS

STOP LEAPS! Learn About this Massive Boondoggle

POWER LINE MAP: Where will Power Lines Go? See Proposed Transmission Line Route

Ugly Power Lines and Transmission Towers

32 miles of High Voltage Wiring hung on giant buzzing, crackling and sparking electrical tower eye-sores are planned Through National Forest and Local Communities. Check out Nevada Hydro's transmission lines route map from September 2017 FERC filing. Is your property in the cross hairs? 


Learn More: See Nevada Hydro Map of Tower Locations and Power Line Route

EMINENT DOMAIN: Hundreds of Local Properties Affected, Some at Risk of Involuntary Taking

Greedy pig

 Is your property on the list of properties to be taken (at "fair market price") through Eminent Domain or otherwise adversely affected by LEAPS? 

Now that Eminent Domain has been ruled OK to use for private development projects, forcible taking of property and trampling of property rights are an inevitable outcome should the Nevada Hydro project materialize in Lake Elsinore. 

Learn More: See Nevada Hydro List of Potentially Affected Properties

COMMUTER CHAOS: Ready for Thousands of Loaded Semi-trucks Crawling up Ortega Highway?

Truck wreck on Ortega Highway

 We have all gotten behind that one truck that can't seem to go more than 20 mph uphill and can't pull over because getting going again is very difficult. This project will result in thousands of trips by loaded semi trucks as Nevada Hydro builds the upper dam. These construction activities will not only generate horrendous congestion and pollution in Lake Elsinore, they will KILL YOUR COMMUTE during a period of 2-5 YEARS.

The company says materials will be sourced from the mountain as they drill tunnels into the mountainside. 

INCREASED FIRE RISK - Power Lines Would Hinder Firefighting, Endanger Homes and First Responders

High tension power line consumed by flames

According to statements made by Nevada Hydro:

 1. The proposed type of power lines do not cause fires, and,  2. In case of a fire they would be de-energized for safety. Given the area's heavy reliance on firefighting aircraft of all sizes, during frequent wild-land fire events, adding 32 miles of potentially deadly towers and high tension wires to the mix makes no sense. AIRCRAFT CANNOT OPERATE NEAR POWER LINES. 

Learn about the area's Fire History: 

1959 Decker Canyon Fire 

 1989 - 3,000 Acre Fire

2010 - 50 Acre Fire

2013 Falls Fire

2015 - Brush Fire

2017 - 54 Acre Fire

2018 Holy Fire

9/05/2019 - 1,400 Acre Tenaja Fire

But Wait.... They Have a Fire Plan!


Read the Fire Study Commissioned by Nevada Hydro - Power Lines would be a Huge Problem for Firefighting Aircraft

WATER QUALITY - More Aeration and Adding Some Water will NOT Clear Up Lake Elsinore's Water.

Lake Elsinore Mountain Views from across the lake

Studies show artificial aeration is good in the right lake types but does not help control elevated nutrient content loads, which are the main contributor to green micro-flora in Lake Elsinore.

The Green algae color is a result of high phosphorus and other nutrients present in the waters that flow into the lake and within the lake's muddy bottom. Even if Nevada Hydro adds water during dry periods, it is the SAME nutrient-heavy water from the SAME sources and the vast majority of phosphorus is already in the muddy bottom.

Disturbing the bottom will make it worse, not better. If aeration worked for that purpose, we would have a clear blue lake by now due to the fact aeration has been in process for many years with no real impact on nutrient levels.

Learn More about the Effects of Adding Water and Aeration Efforts in Shallow Lakes - Including Lake Elsinore

LEAPS Benefits Rely on Selective Science, Uninformed Citizenry & Specious Claims

Mad Scientist

 Nevada Hydro's Overblown Claims of benefits to Lake Elsinore border on laughable. Aside from temporary construction-related jobs and a brief spike in revenues from services to support these jobs, there are no benefits locally that come close to balancing the pain, damage and risk inflicted on our communities should LEAPS become a reality. 

Check back often as our own citizens comment, show evidence, and debunk many of the specious claims made about this project. STOP LEAPS!


Are you for or Against LEAPS? Decide for Yourself

EARTHQUAKES - What About Local Earthquake Faults? What Happens When a Pumped Storage Dam Fails?

Dam Failure

According to available fault zone maps, Nevada Hydro  LEAPS project will be built on, along or near several known fault lines in the Lake Elsinore area. 

Learn more: List of Dam Failures

Learn More: Read a 2018 Temblor article on the ELSINORE FAULT LINE'S RISK.  

See What a Dam Failure Looks Like - ACCIDENTS HAPPEN

SHHHH... Nevada Hydro Sued EVMWD for $24 Million and Got their Silence, Water & $2 Million Cash

EVMWD - Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District building

The Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, which owns an easement over Lake Elsinore's water, is quiet on this project. Why would the owner of the lake's water have nothing to say? Because they conveniently settled a lawsuit brought by Nevada Hydro. Thanks to Nevada Hydro's litigation against our water district, EVMWD is not only LEGALLY OBLIGATED to procure water for LEAPS, they must also do whatever Nevada Hydro wants them to do to facilitate the delivery of water. EVMWD is prevented from saying anything negative about this project after getting spanked in court by Nevada Hydro for breach of contract when they broke up. It's like they have to act as a Nevada Hydro partner but don't have to take any heat from residents... EVMWD already spent over $4 million of ratepayers money on this project, in addition to the settlement for $2 million it paid Nevada Hydro. GUESS WHO IS ON THE HOOK FOR THIS? ANYONE ELSE GET THEIR EVMWD RATE HIKE NOTICE???

Read Settlement Details of the $24 million Lawsuit Nevada Hydro Filed Against our Water District

Remember ENRON? LEAPS has a Similar $$$ Theory.

Enron gets Justice

What if we told you this was originally an ENRON project and the individual in charge of LEAPS was part of ENRON's executive leadership team during ENRON's criminal misadventures in Western States including California? 

The LEAPS business model boils down to buy low, sell high. Sound familiar?

The ENRON Fiasco - Largest Bankruptcy ever at the time - $74 Billion in Losses

Residents, Organizations and Government Entities Oppose LEAPS. No One Wants it.


Residents, government officials, Municipal Governments, native American tribes and civic organizations oppose LEAPS. 

Many who fought and defeated this Nevada Hydro project in the past have been caught unaware of its latest reincarnation targeting Lake Elsinore. 


Learn More: If you Oppose LEAPS - You're in Good COmpany

Environmental, Economic and Cultural Impacts: Dams are Being Decommissioned and Taken Down


In a time when California is actively removing obsolete dams for environmental reasons, why would Nevada Hydro Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage project LEAPS be the exception?


- Native American Sites Cultural Heritage 

- Endangered Species

- Decker Canyon Ecology

- Commuters

- Property owners and residents

- 32 miles of giant towers and 500 KV wiring

- Firefighting operations interference

- Damage to national forest

- No real benefits to Lake Elsinore

Learn More: Environmental and Cultural Impacts

LEAPS - The Long, Painful, Expensive History of a Project that Refuses to Die

Boogeyman Power Lines on Lake Elsinore

From a well-intentioned local project began by EVMWD to a supplier attempting to force a project into existence despite solid local, regional and state  opposition. How did we get here?

Learn more: 

City of Lake Elsinore Presentation April 2019

City of Lake Elsinore Officially Votes to OPPOSE  

(click LEAPS agenda item on left of screen)

Learn more about LEAPS' Historical Context:

Link to 2008-2009 Grand Jury Report 

Check out Nevada Hydro's Transmission Lines Route Map HERE


If LEAPS is so Great, Where is the YES on LEAPS Crowd?

"If this Nevada Hydro project is so wonderful and there is so much public support, where are all the pro-LEAPS groups? Pro-LEAPS yard signs? Where are the pro-LEAPS websites? How about pro-LEAPS community meetings and signature gathering events? Where are the pro-LEAPS elected officials? Any pro-LEAPS volunteers being galvanized in the valley extolling the virtues of the project? Any pro-LEAPS rallies? The answer is NO, there aren't any, and for good reason. This is not a liberal vs conservative issue. LEAPS is an existential threat to Lake Elsinore and mountain residents' quality of life. STOP LEAPS!" 

C. HOEY | El Cariso Village

Sierra Club Champions Environmentally Beneficial Projects - It Opposes LEAPS.

 "While we strongly support environmentally beneficial methods of energy storage in support of renewable energy the Sierra Club is deeply concerned about the impacts to wildlife, the environment, and the individuals who regularly use and enjoy the lands that will be affected by the LEAPS project, including the Cleveland National Forest, Lake Elsinore, and surrounding areas. This project will be extremely detrimental to wildlife, including threatened and endangered species, and the citizens who enjoy hiking, backpacking, photography, wildlife viewing, scientific study, and living in the area." 

SIERRA CLUB  |  8/23/2017

Don't Trash our Dream Home

The power lines would go up extremely close to our home, almost literally in our backyard.  We moved to our dream home in the country 6 years ago and have been building our home since then.  

We are devastated at the idea that this could happen.  This would adversely affect our property value, view, safety and health.  We have young children... please, please, please stop this from happening! 

B. NAVARRETE |  Murrieta

FLACC Needs your Help!

STOP LEAPS Power Lines sign

FLACC Now Accepting Donations to Stop LEAPS

 Defeating Nevada Hydro for good is a community effort -  Can't get involved directly or don't have time? Fighting out of state corporate interests is not free! Help cover costs of community outreach, advertising, websites, flyers, litigation and PR. 

Donations may be submitted online through secure link below or by check.

Send checks to (a receipt will be mailed back to you):

Forest Lake and Communities Coalition

PO BOX 1047

Lake Elsinore, CA 92531 

FLACC is a registered Not-for-profit 501(c)(3) grass roots organization.  

Donate to FLACC Securely Online

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