Power Lines Route, Towers, Dam, Infrastructure & Affected Properties

  1. Where will Nevada Hydro power lines be Routed through?
  2. Which properties are potentially affected by eminent domain?
  3. What do the towers look like? Where will they be placed? How big are they?
  4. How does the LEAPS Hydro project intersect with recent and historical wildland fires? 

Approximate LEAPS Project Infrastructure Locations, Fire Map

LEAPS Transmission Towers 194 ft tall

In Case you are Curious About the Towers, Here is One of Them

That Sure is a Big Tower!

For detailed information about proposed power lines, tower types and sizes, download Nevada Hydro document titled: 

Tower Data Tables and Location Information - Sep 2017 (pdf) 

USA Steel? Not So Fast...

 As if the project's impact locally is not bad enough, guess where NH is sourcing the steel towers from? Good old USA steel? Buy American? Try again... 

Mexico! (Source: Tower Placement, Data Information Tables and Location Information). 

We presume towers would not all be the same, but holy smokes, what an eyesore!!! 

Link to Mexican tower manufacturer: http://www.saetowers.com/Manufacturing.asp