Image of LEAPS facilities including Dam reservoir, spillway ad power house.

Proposed LEAPS Dam, Spillway, Powerhouse, Lake Interface

Not only Properties in Path of Power Lines are Affected

Recently a group of FLACC volunteers spent time canvassing the residential neighborhoods and businesses along Grand Avenue in Lakeland Village where the Dam Power House is to be built, to make people aware of LEAPS, our  team was shocked to discover nearly none of the residents or businesses were aware about the project being revived or that their properties and livelihoods would be adversely impacted should the project get built. 

Nevada Hydro's own polling numbers reveal a lack of knowledge about LEAPS by 80% of the local population. Following interactions on the STOP LEAPS Facebook Group, it is abundantly clear the negative implications of this project are just beginning to surface into the public discourse. Our opinion is the number is far higher based on actually walking the streets and speaking to potentially-affected individuals.

Live in Lakeland Village?

The LEAPS Project presents a very real threat to your neighborhoods, including loss of property through eminent domain proceedings, industrialization of the sleepy scenic stretch along Grand Ave., massive construction traffic, noise and dust for years to come, and God forbid anything should go wrong and a catastrophic event occurs with devastating consequences.  GET INFORMED, GET INVOLVED!